How To Create A Resume?

I thought a lot  before ‘typing’ this post as I did not know what to write upon.Today I would like to write to you about  ‘How  to  Create  A resume’.I may not be old enough to create one but I was recently taught  how create a resume in the workshop that I attended.

As you all know a resume is an extremely important part of who you are.It is your identity.Your resume is what decides what you will become in future.A ‘healthy’ resume that has the ability to impress others earns you a good job.Of course you must put your effort  to make it win others approval.

But it is not enough that you attend internships and projects so that your resume looks filled up.You must organize the information in a systematic order.The resume must look professional but at the same time easy to uncomplicated and straightforward.In short, the person viewing your resume should be able to grasp your strong points and achievements, without having to search for it.

Earlier students and officials had to create their own resume by themselves.But today, samples of the same are available all over the just have to Google  it.Here a few steps that will help you create a good resume.

  • You need to first download Kile editor in your system. It is another editor like vim and gedit.It helps you make changes in the sample resume.

             If you plan to install Kile editor through Linux , the command is:

                  apt-get install kile                 //and press enter.

  • Then you need to copy a file of the name modern_cv. It can be found in google.
  • Open the Kile editor and open the folder of modern_cv that you just downloaded from google. There you see a folder named examples.
  • Click on it and choose template.pdf. You get a sample version of the resume(It is of a person named John Doe).
  • Now you need to open the same file using Kile editor so that you can edit the contents to include your name and details.
  • In order to view the changes that you have made you can compile the code and view the changes.

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