Exhausted ? Bored ? Wanna have a good laugh ? Well, you have come to the right place. Just scroll down and you will come across a variety of Japan’s funniest and most crazy inventions.

Japan is always known for its development in the field of technology. It is a country known for the most advanced scientific research especially in the areas of biomedical research and machine production. But as well as they are known for their technological inventions they are also known for their crazy , totally insane thoughts as well. These thoughts , when materialised give rise to the most entertaining and amusing inventions in the history of the world. But as hilarious as these inventions might seem, they are practical and though funny help us in our daily lives and so you’ve got to give them the credit.

The following are some of the comical inventions of Japan. I am sure that by the time you are done with this article you will be having a smile plastered on to your face.

Enjoy!Here goes…

Invention Number One :

Do you get wet in the rains inspite of holding an umbrella ? Well, then this invention will definitely help you remain dry.

Invention Number Two :

Do you hate eating a steaming cup of noodles ? Are you impatient for the noodles to cool down ? Here is what you can do to.You can eat and at the same time blow your noodles.

Invention Number Three :

Do you often fall a sleep from your chair and hit your head ?May be you can adopt the following idea so that you won’t fall off your chair when you take a nap in the public.

 Invention Number Four :

Do you dislike your hands becoming all oily and slippery after you have spread butter on a bread slice or do you hate the excess butter on a slice of bread falling off ?  Here’s what you can do apply the right amount of butter on your bread .

Invention Number Five :

Are you having a heavy cold ? You will need plenty of tissue paper to help maintain a clean nose. May be the image below suggests a good idea. What do you think ?

Invention Number Six :

Do you find it difficult to carry milk for your baby in a separate bag ?You could do this. With this, even the men can feed the baby milk.

Invention Number Seven :

Do people with long hair find it difficult to wear a helmet with, her/his hair plated ? You could do this.

Now apart from the inventions , there is a funny picture that I would like to share with you.

How many of you think that the municipal cleaners are very sincere and efficient in their work of cleaning up the city or town ? May be the picture will change your views on the matter for good.

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These are some of the many photos that I saw in jokersrevenge.com. You can click on the link to find many other funny inventions.

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