Smile Please…

Did you know that a Japanese scientist has invented a device that forces children to smile. The instrument can be used to make adamant children smile. If you want to give everyone the impression that your actually stubborn child is a happy and polite child this is a device that you will be needing. Even if the child does not wish to smile he/she will have to smile. That is the advantage of this device.

The device is a small one looking similar to a pair of spectacles. But instead of wearing it over the eyes they are to wear it such that it fits perfectly under their chin and hooks around the ear. The device does not have lenses but instead has a conducting pad, the use of which you will understand as you read further. The pad remains in contact with the child’s chin.

The concept behind the Electro Smile is quite disturbing. So be braced up for it. When the child wears the gadget , a small electric current passes through the jaw that sets up a reflex in the jaw muscle of the child. This causes the child to widen his/her lips resulting in what looks like a smile.This is actually a forced smile. Along with the reflex that is caused in her smile , there is also an excitement that runs through the whole of her/his body resulting in the viewer misinterpreting the shiver in the child’s body to be his/her excitement. There are also provisions to widen the smile. All you have to do is to set the Electrosmile unit on high.

One major disadvantage of this invention is that it has a side effect. It causes a slight twitching of the head even after the gadget has been removed. Even during normal hours like class or sleep , there is a slight twitch of the head. This device is available only for children but soon is expected to be available in adult sizes too.

Now that is one weird piece of invention from the Japanese. Why do children have to be put through shock treatment to force them to smile ? Don’t you think that the parents who have bought the Electro Smile Enhancer are going a little too overboard in making their kids smile ? If the kids are not in a mod to smile , they should be able to persuade them to smile. Anyways , that is my opinion about the whole invention. People are different and so are their ways of thinking. I give the unknown inventor full credit for his innovative thinking but I really think that it is not nice to make children smile forcefully. They should be given the freedom to express their feelings freely without any restrictions.After how long do they have, to smile and exhibit their emotions freely. Once they grow up they have to worry about not hurting others while expressing their feelings in front of an audience.Thus I feel that it absolutely unnecessary to provide a shock treatment to the children just to put a fake impression in front of others.What do you think ?

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