Confused ???

The other day, while surfing the net I came across a set of images. They tended to cause what is known as Illusion. Illusion is basically distorting what is real. It tricks our senses. But on observing closely for more than 30 seconds, we realise that the picture shows something totally different from what we saw first. I copied a few of the very many images causing optical illusions, from the website , for those people who have not gone through the website.

1. Spinning Circles

Spinning Circles

When you keep looking at the image above, you will feel that the two circles are spinning. To be specific you will feel that the outer circle spins in the counter-clockwise direction while the inner circle spins in the clockwise direction. But in reality, they are not.They are completely stationary.

2. Rubin’s Vase Illusion

(Image Credit : John Smithson)

Rubin’s Vase

This is a simple illusion made by a Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin. On the left  is the picture of a simple vase. On the right is same vase with colour changes but it can also be interpreted as two human faces facing each other. This is one of the simplest and most common examples of Optical Illusion.

3. Seven Faces

(Image Credit : Believed to have been in public domain)

Seven Faces

The image above, consists of seven hidden faces. See if you can find them all. When observed carefully, you will see that the middle face can be interpreted as two side profiles at the sides.

4. Duck Rabbit Illusion

(Image Credit : J.Jastrow -1899)

Duck or Rabbit ?

Can you guess whether this a rabbit or a duck ? When you view from the left side it appears to be duck looking towards the left. But when you look from the right side, it looks like a rabbit facing the right.

5. Leaning Tower Illusion

(Image Credit : Frederick Kingdom, Ali Yoonessi, Elena Gheorghiu)

Which one is more slanting ?

This is the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. Both of the above pictures are exactly the same. But the tower on the right appears to be more slanted than the one on the left. This illusion won the Best Visual Illusion Award 2007.

6. Table Size Illusion

(Image Credit : Roger Shepard)

  Which one is longer ?

 The above figure shows two different tables which appear to be of different shapes and dimensions. The one on the left appears to be longer and thinner, but actually both are of exactly the same dimensions. Can you believe it ? Both these are tables that were designed by Roger Shepard.

7. Iskander

(Image Credit : Wikipedia User CooKeeN)

3D Floor Illusion

The name of this image is Iskander and this was created by Kurt Wenner on the floor of the National Museum in Singapore. The breathtaking picture is about the last Singaporean King Iskander(in the 14th century) from whom it gets its name.

8. General’s Family

(Image Credit : Octavio Ocampo)

The General’s Family

This was created by Octavio Ocampo. The image is about two people who meet near the archway but together they represent the side profile of a man. The picture has several faces even in the sky.  It is every bit a puzzle as it is an illusion .

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