Advantages of Blogging

A few days back, a few my friends and myself were talking with a teacher. Someone asked me to share my blogging experience with them and also to tell them. I started speaking and that was when I realized that blogging actually has many advantages. Since I do not have anything else to post on right now, I decided that I would post on this. So here goes…

  • Your writing habit improves and your spelling mistakes also decrease.
  • You gain more exposure, when people read your blog. When different people read your blog they comment on it. Thus you gain more exposure.
  • Posting something on a blog becomes your favorite pastime.
  • You gain more knowledge. You learn something new, everytime you put up something. When you post about something, you obviously need enough knowledge about the concept. This makes you search for more information. In the process you learn many new things.
  • You become comfortable with sharing your views.
  • Your creativity improves. When you create a blog, you try to choose themes to make it look attractive. You tend to think of things that may improve the appearance of your blog. This increases your sense of creativity.
  • You gain a lot of new contacts and get to know a lot of people. When people read your blog and comment on it, you get their email -ids(if they have subscribed to your blog).

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