Window Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help make our work easier. In this post I will be listing a few keyboard shortcuts that help modify certain properties of the windows that are opened by us, without using the mouse.

Alt+F4 This helps in closing a window.
Alt+F5 This shortcut helps restore the window to the original size.
Alt+F7 This is to switch between the current window in any direction.(You need not keep the mouse pressed to drag the window. With this shortcut you can move the window size using the up/down arrow key.)
Alt+F8 This is to re size the current window.
Alt+F9 This helps minimize the currently open window.
Alt+F10 This shortcut maximizes the window recently closed.
Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right Cursor This is to help switch between Work spaces. This may not work on some computers but do work on most of the systems.
Alt+Tab This is to switch between alternate windows that you have already opened in the background of the presently open window. Press Alt+Tab and then release the Tab key. Then press it again to choose between the list of windows open in the background. After choosing the window release the tab key and the desired window appears on the screen.
Ctrl+Alt+Tab This is to switch between the windows open in all working spaces and not only the ones that we are currently working on. Just like the previous command , press Alt+Ctrl+Tab and then release the Tab key while keeping on pressing the Alt and Ctrl keys. Now use the Tab key to select from the windows on the screen.

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