Installation in different OS

Today I wanted to install something in Fedora Linux and I tried using the command :

sudo apt-get install <name of package>

But this did not work out. That was when one of my seniors said that this command works only for Debian-based files in Linux.

Fedora logo

For RPM based files the command that is to be used is :

  • sudo yum install <name of package>

The yum command can also be used to update already installed packages :

  • sudo yum update <name of package>

To see if a particular package has been installed, the below command can be used :

  • sudo yum list <name of package>

To removed a installed package you can use the command :

  • sudo yum remove <name of package>

To get information about a particular package that has already been installed, the yum command can be used in the following way :

  • sudo yum info <name of package>

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