Diwali or Deepavali is very commonly known as  the Festival of Lights. It is a festival of significant amount of importance to the Hindus and  the Jains. For various reasons Diwali is celebrated is celebrated throughout India.Some places celebrated Diwali as the day on which Lord Rama returned to his kingdom Ayodhya after a long gap of fourteen years. Some others celebrate it as the day on Mahavira attained moksha.

The celebration starts on Dhanteras the day on which many business organisations start their annual year. The second day, Naraka Chaturthi is when it is believed that the demon king Narakasura was vanquished by Lord Sree Krishna and his wife Satyabhama. On the third day, Ammavasya , it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi is in her most happy mood and grants the wishes of her devotees. This day is also considered to be the day on which Lord Vishnu took the form of a dwarf and sent away the demon king Bali to Pathala. It is on the fourth day that Bali went to Pathala to take reins of the new kingdom. The next day is called Bhai Dooj, when sisters invite their brothers to their houses.

But at  the end of the day, the main message behind celebrating Diwali is to remove the darkness and bring in lightness and to rejoice in the atma or  the brahman.

Diwali - The festival of Lights

In India, Diwali is celebrated by lighting lamps and keeping them in front of houses. It is primarily for this reason that the festival is known as ‘The Festival of Lights’. On this day people distribute sweets among neighbors and friends. People do Lakshmi Pooja on this day.

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