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Amma’s Darshan

Yesterday, I got Amma’s darshan again. This is the second time in four days,  that I got Amma’s darshan. The first darshan that I got on last Wednesday, was properly planned, in the sense that I  got the darshan token and stood in queue to get Amma’s darshan. But yesterday’s darshan was totally unexpected. She was giving darshan to devotees in Kali Mandir(Usually she gives darshan in the Bhajan Hall, which is bigger and people have to sit in a long queue). I got inside the Kali Mandir. With a little amount of persuasion of the people controlling the queue, I got in to the queue and after fifteen minutes, I  got onto the stage(a raised platform and  not the actual stage where people perform) where Amma was sitting. I had always wanted to ask Amma,  some questions, so that I would get to know her opinion and the way she views things, and of course, I also wanted to clear my doubts. I got Amma’s darshan – she hugged me.

Mata Amritanandamayi(or Amma, as she is popularly known as)

This time, I asked her a question : “Amma, how do you forget yourself and do service for others ?”

Amma hugged me again and smiled at me. She then said : “Selfless service is something that comes from within. It cannot be taught or explained to others. When there are circumstances that require us to forget ourselves and think about others, it should come from within”. She then explained taking the example of the brahmacharis brahmacharinis, staying in the ashram – how they leave  their new clothes at home and come to the ashram and where second-hand clothes. She also explained about many people who help in building houses, who collect and sort wastes in the ashram, and many other such examples which I do not remember right now. 🙂

I am so happy that she answered my question. This will definitely go into the set incidents, which I shall never forget. I hope I get many more such opportunities to meet Amma and interact with her.  🙂

Install Firefox

This post is about how you can install Firefox after building it from its source code. Building the source code only compiles it and checks it for any errors. But installing it makes it much more movable and can be accessed from anywhere. This  process is very simple can be completed in a couple of minutes. Here are the commands that you should run in the terminal.

  • First enter your mozilla-central directory and then into the obj directory. Now give the command :

sudo make install

  A .zip file or a .bz2 file gets created in the dist directory which is inside the obj directory. This is to be unpacked or extracted. The files can be extracted anywhere.


  • Another method of doing this is to simply run the command gmake install in the terminal. But this  not recommended. It is always better to first create the tarball and than unpack it, and then install it.

Firefox Simple Build in Linux

This post is about how Firefox can be built from its source code. The process is pretty simple. All you’ve got to do is follow the following the steps :

  • The first step is to make sure that you have certain tools installed in  your system and you also have 2 GB RAM space in your  system, else chances are high that the Firefox build may be slow.
    • Ubuntu Users  : Ubuntu Users run the following commands in your terminal :
      1. sudo apt-get build-dep firefox
      2. sudo apt-get install mercurial libasound2-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libnotify-dev libxt-dev libiw-dev mesa-common-dev autoconf2.13 yasm
    • Debian Users : For Debian users, the following commands should be used :
      1. sudo apt-get build-dep iceweasel
      2. sudo apt-get install mercurial libasound2-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libnotify-dev libxt-dev libiw-dev mesa-common-dev autoconf2.13 yasm
    • Fedora Users : Fedora users should use the following commands in the terminal :
      1. sudo yum groupinstall ‘Development Tools’ ‘Development Libraries’ ‘GNOME Software Development’
      2. sudo yum install mercurial autoconf213 glibc-static libstdc++-static yasm wireless-tools-devel mesa-libGL-devel alsa-lib-devel libXt-devel

If you get a problem with any of these commands, try installing each software from the Ubuntu Software Center.

  • The next step is to get a mercurial clone for your source code. Run the following command in the terminal. This will get the source code from the Mozilla’s Mercurial code repository. This step also takes a lot of time since it involves a lot of code.
    1. hg clone
  • This step is optional. It is for build configuration. You can go to this site.
  • The next step is to go into the mozilla-central directory and build  the downloaded code. ‘make’ command will compile the files in the source codeRun the following command in the terminal :
    1. make -f
  • I you want to update and build Firefox again, then this is what you do :
    1. hg pull -u
    2. make -f

Youth Day

Do you know why we celebrate Youth Day on January 12th ?

January 12th is birthday of the great lecturer and monk Swami Vivekananda. He was born in the year 1963.He was a Bengali and his original name was Narendra Nath Dutta. He was the disciple of the great Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He is one of the people who lived for a very short amount of time but still managed to leave behind his “footprints on the sands of time”.  He played a major role in  introducing the Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to the Western world. He is considered as the most important person responsible for the revival of Hinduism in modern times.

Swami Vivekananda

The speech that he gave at Chicago is still fresh in the minds of most of the Indians. He is known for the famous salutation that he made while starting the speech. He went ahead to introduce Hinduism in Parliament at World’s Religions at Chicago in the year 1893. Some of the principles of Vedanta(based on the interpretation of Adi Shankara) are (taken from Wikipedia):

  • Each soul is potentially divine.
  • The goal is to manifest this Divinity within by controlling nature, external and internal.
  • Do this either by work, or worship, or mental discipline, or philosophy—by one, or more, or all of these—and be free.
  • This is the whole of religion. Doctrines, or dogmas, or rituals, or books, or temples, or forms, are but secondary details.
  • So long as even a single dog in my country is without food my whole religion is to feed it and serve it, anything excluding that is nonreligious.

For those who have not listened to Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago Speech, here is the link.

It may not be all that clear but the words have been shown on  the screen.

Classical Guitar

Today, I got the opportunity to attend a classical guitar concert by Dr. Kamala Shanker. It was organized by the SPICMACAY(Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Among the Youth. group in our college and was an open air concert. Dr. Kamala Shanker started vocal music from the young age of six and picked up the guitar in her hands at the age of twelve. She was introduced to music by her mother. She is a Tamilian born in Tanjore and brought in Varanasi.She has obtained Master in Science and Doctorate in Music from the  Benares Hindu University.

Dr. Kamala Shankar

The experience was beautiful. I was late to the concert by fifteen minutes and so could not listen to the introduction that she said about the first song. But I know this much that what she played first was in the Carnatic Music Raga – Kalyani. It was beautiful. There are simply no words to describe what we heard. The musical notes were simply flowing from the instrument. The audience was absolutely enchanted. There was pin drop silence when she was playing. The moment she stopped playing there was a huge applause for her performance.The second song that she played was a Rama Bhajan. The bhajan is a very famous one. Even when sung it is very melodious. Coming from her guitar, it sounded even more wonderful. She then played another Rama Bhajan which I was hearing for the first time. She ended the show by playing Vande Mataram.

I got the opportunity to meet her in person after the show. I got her autograph and also got her blessings. I am very excited. If I get a chance to attend a show in which she performs, I will definitely not lose the opportunity.