First Bug Fix in Gnome

Yesterday, I got my first bug in GNOME, fixed. It was a very simple bug in gedit – a product of GNOME. I downloaded the source code from the Ubuntu repository and then created a patch.

This the bug that I fixed :

This is the patch for the bug that I fixed :

This is what I did :

  • The first step was to download the source code from
  • The next step is to search for the bug in the vast source code. Once the bug has been located in the source code, 50% of the problem gets over.
  • You have to now try to fix the problem mentioned in the bug. This varies from bug to bug. My bug was pretty simple.
  • After you create a change in the source code, you have to test this by running it.
  • Now you create a patch, which is basically a file stating the difference between the source code and the change that you have created.
  • Upload this in the bug page in the corresponding Bug Tracker website and leave it to the reporter of the bug and developers of the organization to review the  patch and comment upon it.

I thank all people who helped me get the bug fixed, as well as, those who pushed it into the git repository 🙂

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