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Linux command : uname

Recently, I came across a Linux command that I found really helpful and I am sure you’ll find it helpful as well, especially when you’d like to install something on your system and are in desperate need of information about the Operation System or the Linux distribution that you are using. The command that I was referring to is ‘uname’. This command prints almost all the information that you want about the system. Some of the very useful arguments of this command that I found are as follows :

1. The -a option gives the user, complete information about the system in the order : kernel name, node name, kernel release, kernel version, hardware name, processor type, hardware platform, operating system.

uname -a

2. The -m option displays whether you are running a 32 bit or 64 bit version of Linux distribution. ( If it is a 32 bit Linux distribution – i686 will get displayed as a result of running the following command, whereas if it is a 64 bit distribution, then x86_64. )

uname -m

The song that I got addicted to

Once in every two days, I get addicted to a particular song and keep listening to it till I get bored. Recently, I listened to a song that I used to listen a lot during my high school days. When I was watching TV the song was played and it brought back to me old memories. The lyrics of the song is very meaningful and the song is very melodious as well. The song gives me the courage, inspiration and determination to keep going. It’s from the movie Dor which stars Ayesha Takia, Shreyas Talpade and Gul Panag. The song is “Yeh honsla kaise jhuke…”. You can listen to it on Youtube.

The lyrics of the song is as follows :

Yeh Hosla Kaise Juke,
Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke

The determination should not give up
The yearning should not stop

Manzil Muskil To Kya,
Bundla Sahil To Kya,
Tanha Ye Dil To Kya

No matter if the destination is difficult to find
No matter if the shore does not seem clearly
No matter is the heart is lonely

Raah Pe Kante Bikhre Agar,
Uspe To Phir Bhi Chalna Hi Hai,
Saam Chhupale Suraj Magar,
Raat Ko Ek Din Dhalana Hi Hai,

Even if the path is filled with difficulties,
We still have to walk on it
Even if the evening hides the sun of happiness,
The night of grief will definitely pass away

Rut Ye Tal Jayegi,
Himmat Rang Layegi,
Subha Phir Aayegi
Yeh Hosla Kaise Juke,
Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke

This season pf grief will change
Determination will overcome all difficulties
There will be a new dawn

Hogi Hame To Rehmat Ada,
Dhup Kategi Saaye Tale,
Apni Khuda Se Hai Ye Dua,
Manzil Lagale Humko Gale

If kindness will be shown to us,
We shall recieve sunlight even in shade
I pray to God,
That our destination should get us

Zurrat So Baar Rahe,
Uncha Ikraar Rahe,
Zinda Har Pyar Rahe

May the courage remain in every difficulty
May the promise be fulfilled
May the love live long

Yeh Hosla Kaise Juke,
Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke

The lyrics for the song was not translated by me. I just got it from here .


A few weeks back, my friends and I visited Danushkodi, the southern most tip of India. We first went to Rameshwaram, had bath in all the 22 wells and worshiped Lord Shiva in the temple, and then went to Danushkodi. Danushkodi is a small village in the southernmost part of Rameshwaram island, midway between India and Sri Lanka and is just about 30 km. far from the ‘tear drop’ island(Sri Lanka). It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. Danush means bow and Kodi means the end. This is the place where Lord Rama struck a bow to break the sethu that he built, to rescue his consort Sita from Sri Lanka. The breaking of the sethu(bridge) was done on the request of Vibhishana, the brother of Ravana and ally of Rama. That is how the place got its name.

Danushkodi in all its glory

This is the place where the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal meet. It is a spectacular sight to see. One part of the water body is quite calm and serene whereas the other part is full of energy and spirit. The difference can literally be seen. The beach here is very beautiful as is everywhere else in the world. Here also one can see the typical white and turquoise blue colour combination(white coloured sand and turquoise blue coloured water) just as in most of the beaches around the world. But what makes the Danushkodi beach different from the rest of the beaches is that, there is one particular point in the island(you can see that in the picture below) where you have water on all three sides and land on just one side. This is easily the best part of the island. You have water coming in from all three sides and when you stand there bare foot, its a beautiful experience to feel the loose beach sand beneath your feet get washed away by the force of the waves. Only the part that you are standing on, gets washed away. A hollow starts to appear beneath your feet. The area around you remains at the same level. It is almost as if you were sinking into the sand. Then there is the wind blowing from all directions. This part of India is totally cut off from the rest of the world. There is nothing but peace here, of course apart from the roaring of the waves and the murmuring of the wind.

It is said that when looked from this point, about 2 to 6 km far away, one can see a change in the pattern of the waves, almost as  if the waves were crashing against something beneath the surface of water. This is the Rama Sethu, the bridge built by Rama with the help of monkeys, with stones, to save Sita who had been abducted by Ravana and taken to Lanka.

The ride to Danushkodi was however, very tedious. We were taken in huge trucks which are capable of containing about 20 people, when jam packed. There were times when we thought that the truck would just topple. Luckily it didn’t 🙂 But the trouble was worth it.

Danushkodi had been a developing town before 1964. But in the year 1964, a highly intense storm destroyed the town severely. Before the disaster there had even been trains that ran from Danushkodi to Pamban but the storm caused severe damage to the railway tracks. The remnants of the railway tracks as well as the railway station can still be seen.

A trip to Rameshwaram is incomplete without visiting Danushkodi.

Twitter and Flickr Maps

Ever wondered where people are, when they tweet or take digital photos ? Well, a designer and programmer of the name Eric Fischer has now fulfilled your wish to know people’s locations, by inventing a series of maps. This map helps know where in the world, people are, when they send messages to Twitter of upload photos in Flickr.

The series of maps which are actually data visualization maps, use Twitter’s Twitter feed and Flickr’s A.P.I (Application Programming Interface) to get the location and time at which people send their respective information(tweets in the case of Twitter and photos in the case of Flickr). What Mr. Eric Fischer did was to plot together these two pieces of information on a map.In the map, he has used orange dots to represent the uploaded photos in Flickr, and blue dots to represent the tweets in Twitter. At places where both have been done, he has used white dots to represent the places.The pictures below, show Twitter and Flickr maps of Europe and U.S.A. respectively.

Twitter and Flickr Maps

Fischer, in his Twitter Feed said,he “used a program that I wrote specifically for the purpose.”. He also said that, he has created maps for major cities in the world. Some of the U.S. cities which now have a Twitter and Flickr map of their own are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Fransisco. He created a map for some of the European cities as well, like London and Paris. The Asian i include Jakarta and Tokyo. In the U.S. map as whole, most of the activity was shown in Manhattan and also in tourist centres of attraction such as Central Park and Statue of Liberty.

Operating System

Today, my friends were discussing how the kernel is related to the operating system. I learnt something new about it and thought I would share with you. So here goes…

An Operating System is something that controls the functioning of the hardware of the system and at the same time serves the applications designed by the users.

A kernel is a very important part of an operating system. Its basic function is to manage the hardware and software of the system. It is something that connects that processes taking place at the hardware level and the Applications.

Applications are a set of statements that are specified to perform certain set of duties. An application is that which that helps you perform a certain set of activities.Thus, it is different from an operating system(that runs a system) and a programming language is kind of duties.

The hardware, the operating system, the kernel and the applications are related as follows :

Relation between the OS, kernel, hardware and applications

The Flying Sphere

You must be wondering why I am calling it a flying sphere . Well, the answer is very obvious – because it flies. It is a radio-operated gadget in the shape of a sphere, used for search and rescue operations. In cases where people have to be rescued from a building it flies into buildings and searches and has a camera which records whatever it sees.

It is a black colored open ball that can hover in the air for about 8 minutes and can travel at the rate of 60 km(37 miles)per hour. It moves smoothly through the air and turns around the corners promptly. It has an advanced option that lets it move up the stairs easily. It lets out a small buzzing sound. It is extremely useful in the cases where the buildings have to searched for humans. Fumiyuki Sato, at the Japanese Defense Ministry’s Technical Research and Development Institute was the one who discovered and invented the thing.”Because of its spherical shape, it can land in various positions and tumble to move around the ground,” he said of the prototype.He also says,”When fully developed, it can be used at disaster sites, or anti-terrorism operations or urban warfare”.

It has a Lithium battery and if at all it loses its battery, it will roll to a lessen chances of getting damaged.

To view a video related to this invention click here.

FB on Mobile Phones

It has realised the fact that not everyone has a Smart phone and not every one can access Facebook through their phones . As a result of this realisation, the company  launched a mobile App to make available its own website on all mobile phones. It an effort to expand its boundary of usage, the company has released this App that will run over 2500 Java-enabled mobile phones. The application is called Every Phone.

“At Facebook, we work to ensure people around the world have a great Facebook experience no matter where they are or how they access our site,” said the Facebook Mobile site.Some of the features included in the App are News feed, Inbox and Photos and it also lets you upload your photos and find your friends on FB, with their phone contacts.

A study carried out by a research center of the name Pew Research Center, earlier this week, showed that about 83% of the U.S. population possesses mobile phones, but still only 42% owns a Smartphone. Totally, only about 35% of the adult population of America owns a Smartphone. Research has also shown that mobile users are more active user of Facebook than those who login via computers. So far  250 million users login through Facebook.

In order to encourage more users it has also introduced free unlimited access. It has tied up with provide mobile service companies to provide free and unlimited data access for every mobile App for a period of 90 days. Out of the twenty mobile services that agreed to work together with Facebook, are four Indian companies – Airtel, Aircel, Idea and Reliance.

Facebook can now be downloaded by visiting mobile website of Facebook like or also by going to mobile app stores like Getjar or Mobile Weaver or Appia.