The Flying Sphere

You must be wondering why I am calling it a flying sphere . Well, the answer is very obvious – because it flies. It is a radio-operated gadget in the shape of a sphere, used for search and rescue operations. In cases where people have to be rescued from a building it flies into buildings and searches and has a camera which records whatever it sees.

It is a black colored open ball that can hover in the air for about 8 minutes and can travel at the rate of 60 km(37 miles)per hour. It moves smoothly through the air and turns around the corners promptly. It has an advanced option that lets it move up the stairs easily. It lets out a small buzzing sound. It is extremely useful in the cases where the buildings have to searched for humans. Fumiyuki Sato, at the Japanese Defense Ministry’s Technical Research and Development Institute was the one who discovered and invented the thing.”Because of its spherical shape, it can land in various positions and tumble to move around the ground,” he said of the prototype.He also says,”When fully developed, it can be used at disaster sites, or anti-terrorism operations or urban warfare”.

It has a Lithium battery and if at all it loses its battery, it will roll to a lessen chances of getting damaged.

To view a video related to this invention click here.

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