Twitter and Flickr Maps

Ever wondered where people are, when they tweet or take digital photos ? Well, a designer and programmer of the name Eric Fischer has now fulfilled your wish to know people’s locations, by inventing a series of maps. This map helps know where in the world, people are, when they send messages to Twitter of upload photos in Flickr.

The series of maps which are actually data visualization maps, use Twitter’s Twitter feed and Flickr’s A.P.I (Application Programming Interface) to get the location and time at which people send their respective information(tweets in the case of Twitter and photos in the case of Flickr). What Mr. Eric Fischer did was to plot together these two pieces of information on a map.In the map, he has used orange dots to represent the uploaded photos in Flickr, and blue dots to represent the tweets in Twitter. At places where both have been done, he has used white dots to represent the places.The pictures below, show Twitter and Flickr maps of Europe and U.S.A. respectively.

Twitter and Flickr Maps

Fischer, in his Twitter Feed said,he “used a program that I wrote specifically for the purpose.”. He also said that, he has created maps for major cities in the world. Some of the U.S. cities which now have a Twitter and Flickr map of their own are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Fransisco. He created a map for some of the European cities as well, like London and Paris. The Asian i include Jakarta and Tokyo. In the U.S. map as whole, most of the activity was shown in Manhattan and also in tourist centres of attraction such as Central Park and Statue of Liberty.

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