Yanni’s Music

Today, I was listening to music composed by famous musician Yanni .

I usually listen to only Carnatic music or light music, but after listening to this, I must say that it was a totally different experience. I’ve not listened to anything like this in quite sometime. It was extremely soulful. It was as it the composer’s heart was making its way to thousands, or should I say millions of other hearts. It is indeed a great talent that he is able to touch millions of hearts. Absolutely amazing !

This is the composition that I listened to :


One thing that I liked about Yanni, of course apart from the amazing work he’s done in putting together such a wonderful composition is that inspite of being the great musician that he is, he humbly thanks the musicians. He gives them the credit that they are worth.

As they say ā€œA great man is always willing to be little.ā€ This is a lesson to be learnt from Yanni.

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