The noble character of Lakshman

I would like to share with you all, another story which brings out how noble and loyal Lakshman was. When Seeta had been abducted, she had dropped her jewels. When Sugreev asked Ram asked to identify Seeta’s jewels He was not able to do it. Instead He was able to identify the yellow cloth in which the jewels had been wrapped, as Hers. Disappointed, He then passes the jewels to Lakshman asking Him to identify if they were Seeta’s jewels. Lakshman immediately identifies the anklets as Seeta’s. Ram asks Lakshman how He was so sure. To this Lakshman replied that, everyday after having His bath, He used to prostrate Seeta and worship Her. He had only looked at Her feet. During the fourteen years of exile, He had never looked at Her in the face. This was one the reasons that Lakshman could kill Indrajith (also known as Meghnadh), the son of Ravan. There were three conditions which were to be satisfied by a person if he wanted to kill Indrajith. He should not have slept, eaten or looked at a women’s face for fourteen years. Since Lakshman satisfied all these conditions, He was able to kill Indrajith.

Ram and Lakshman meet Sugreev

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