GSoC 2014 Update : Caching plugin for Monkey Server – Week 5

This week was really tough ! I have one more exam on Wednesday the 25th and am preparing for it right now. 
But earlier this week, with Eduardo’s help I started out with the integration of the plugin with the server. I used the proxy plugin code available in the proxy branch of monkey on github, that has the basic code that is required to create a plugin for the server. I have not completed the integration yet. Also according to my timeline, I am supposed to start with the integration, only next week.
Later, on Friday, I did a major refactoring of the code. Earlier I had a combined implementation of the hash table and cache. There was not a clean separation in the code. But this week, I rewrote the code to separate the various components such as hash table, the cache and the min heap. The refactored code is available on my github repo (The recently pushed files in the repo).
After Wednesday, I hope to speed up the process of integration only next week.

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