GSoC 2014 Update : Caching plugin for Monkey server – Week 6

Currently I am working on integrating the caching plugin with the monkey server. This week was spent on trying to fix errors that arise during integration. After the code refactoring, there were some errors that were present. I took time to fix those.

Problems are that arose :

 I am stuck with a particular error related to je_malloc (something about a symbol missing, although I have included the necessary flags for dependencies in the makefile for the plugin). I am yet to fix it and hope to do so soon !

Timeline following :

 I was supposed to finish integration by the end of this week and fix any errors in the coming week. But I am a little behind the schedule and need to speed up the work.

Tasks for the next week : 

  1. Finish the integration
  2. Compare and test the efficiency of the server with and without the caching plugin. 

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