GSoC 2014 Update: Caching Plugin for Monkey server – Week 9

This week, I managed to fix whatever the issue was, that was causing a decrease in the performance of the caching plugin. Also apart from that I designed the UI (that is to be designed using Twitter bootstrap and Angular JS) – what all should be printed on it, such as 
  • a graphical display of the requests per second.
  • cache clearing 
  • cache hits and misses 
I started out with writing code to calculate these data when the plugin is running. 
I also started out with changing my cache from Least Commonly Used to Least Recently Used, to see if it improves the performance of the plugin, but however discontinued this job to prioritize other remaining tasks. 
During the next week,
  • After testing the plugin for various corner cases, I plan to change my cache type from LCU to LRU
  • I plan on completing code for calculation of the statistics data, and integrating them with the user interface. 
Reference and special mention : 
Reading last time’s GSoC student Zia’s blog helped me out a lot –

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