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GSoC 2014 Update: Caching Plugin for Monkey HTTP Server – Week 13

As planned, I have completed the caching plugin. But as the pencils down date is tomorrow, I’m still trying to improve the performance and clean up the code. 
This week (especially today with the help of Eduardo), I have made a lot of changes to the plugin code.
However, according to the initial plan, I was also supposed to get a user interface up and running by the end of GSoC. Although I have written the code for the same, it is not in working condition yet. There still needs to be some fixing and changing to be done. I hope to improve the code more before the pencils down timing tomorrow. If I am not able to complete it entirely I will continue to work on this post GSoC and finish it as was planned initially.
Like everybody else, I’ve also learnt a lot during the internship. Thanks to Eduardo for being patient with me.


GSoC 2014 Update: Caching Plugin for Monkey server – Week 12

Last week I was mainly working on changing the method of deletion of files from the cache from using the min heap to using time as a basis to remove the expired files, to see if there is any improvement in the performance (Not much to “write about”.). However, this has been temporarily stopped (taking into account a suggestion from Eduardo). It will be resumed later. I also need to add a button to the user interface, to purge all the documents in the cache. I will also try to incorporate the suggestion provided by Eduardo, to use mk_file_get_info to improve the performance.
I am doing testing on the code and surprisingly a few errors have popped up – some grave errors at that ! I’m trying to fix them and finish off the documentation in this week.


GSoC 2014 Update: Caching Plugin for Monkey server – Week 11

This week I spent most of my time working on getting the real time chart display to get to work – solving the errors that I encountered, mainly due to not including the necessary source files for the charts. I used flot charts to draw the real time graph that has number of requests served by the server and the time on X and Y axes respectively. I am testing if the display is working correctly. I also added code for JSON output in the main file for the cache plugin.
After this, I will need to tie up some loose ends in the code and do documentation. I expect to finish the project by this Friday and post the code for reviews and comments. I will post more about this then !