About Me

I am currently pursuing my masters in Computer Science (with a specialization in Security and Privacy) at Saarland University, Germany. I did my bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering at Amrita University (Kollam), India.

I love listening to music (especially Carnatic Music and Sufi music), reading books, swimming and watching films, cricket and tennis.  My source of inspiration is my family, which is solely responsible for what I am today.

In this blog I will be posting about any thing that comes to mind.

Yes, so that’s pretty much about me. Hope you enjoy reading my blog. Please feel absolutely free to comment on my posts. I’d love to improve myself. Thus your suggestions are most welcome.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Savita,

    I’ve just read your article about the Chewing Gum Camera and have a question for you: do you know a camera like that that can record for 3.5 to 4 hours at a stretch?

    I want so much that camera but most advertised on eBay (actually everywhere) record no more than 2 hours.

    If you know where to buy one please contact me. Thank You!



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