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Chewing Gum Camera

I find spy gadgets very interesting. Recently, I read this one article about a chewing gum camera which can be used for spying. I found it very intriguing and thus decided to post about it. A chewing gum camera or a chewing camera, as it is also known as, is a mini digital camera, which is an audio as well as video recorder, and it is so small enough that it put inside a chewing gum wrapper.

The gadget has a memory card with a capacity of 8 GB. It has a hold switch to make sure that the camera does not get switched off on its own. Other than this, some models of this device have one touch buttons to start/stop recording, or pause in the middle. This device, like most of the others of its kind, also has a pinhole lens. It has a high picture resolution of 1280×960 and a comparatively good video resolution of 640×480. The image type is JPEG. The video format is AVI(Audio Video Interleave). Its battery is made of a Lithium polymer. It weighs about 24 g.

The device makes use of the CMOS technology. (For the benefit of those who do not know about the concept of CMOS, it is a Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor, that is used in making integrated circuits. This is a technology often used in microprocessors, micro-controllers, digital logical circuits, etc.). In CMOS cameras, the implementation of a sensor takes less power when compared to the CCD(Charge Coupled Device).


Some features of the spy camera are as follows :

  • An 8 GB memory card.
  • Picture Resolution : 1280 × 960.
  • Video Resolution : 640×480.
  • Image type : JPEG.
  • USB plug and play.


The advantages of this camera are :

  • Its small size makes it easy to carry about. This is the prime advantage of the gadget. It is because of its small size that it can be easily fitted in chewing gum wrapper.
  • It has a high picture resolution.
  • When fully charged, it can record for 3.5-4 hours at a stretch.
  • It can be easily connected to the PC and the recorded files can be viewed.
  • It is convenient to plug and play.
  • Its USB jack can be used to transfer data at a high speed.
  • Some versions of the chewing gum camera act as 4 GB pen-drive.


The chewing gum camera finds its applications in a number of fields.They are as follows  :

  • The chewing gum camera is useful newspaper reporters who would like to take some pictures or  videos.
  • The gadget is also of great use to lawyers who want to collect evidences from certain places without letting anyone know, and also in places where the use of cameras is prohibited.
  • It is also used in the fields of business, safety, medicine, tourism, education, and even in day-to-day life situations.