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Classical Guitar

Today, I got the opportunity to attend a classical guitar concert by Dr. Kamala Shanker. It was organized by the SPICMACAY(Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Among the Youth. group in our college and was an open air concert. Dr. Kamala Shanker started vocal music from the young age of six and picked up the guitar in her hands at the age of twelve. She was introduced to music by her mother. She is a Tamilian born in Tanjore and brought in Varanasi.She has obtained Master in Science and Doctorate in Music from the  Benares Hindu University.

Dr. Kamala Shankar

The experience was beautiful. I was late to the concert by fifteen minutes and so could not listen to the introduction that she said about the first song. But I know this much that what she played first was in the Carnatic Music Raga – Kalyani. It was beautiful. There are simply no words to describe what we heard. The musical notes were simply flowing from the instrument. The audience was absolutely enchanted. There was pin drop silence when she was playing. The moment she stopped playing there was a huge applause for her performance.The second song that she played was a Rama Bhajan. The bhajan is a very famous one. Even when sung it is very melodious. Coming from her guitar, it sounded even more wonderful. She then played another Rama Bhajan which I was hearing for the first time. She ended the show by playing Vande Mataram.

I got the opportunity to meet her in person after the show. I got her autograph and also got her blessings. I am very excited. If I get a chance to attend a show in which she performs, I will definitely not lose the opportunity.