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FB on Mobile Phones

It has realised the fact that not everyone has a Smart phone and not every one can access Facebook through their phones . As a result of this realisation, the company  launched a mobile App to make available its own website on all mobile phones. It an effort to expand its boundary of usage, the company has released this App that will run over 2500 Java-enabled mobile phones. The application is called Every Phone.

“At Facebook, we work to ensure people around the world have a great Facebook experience no matter where they are or how they access our site,” said the Facebook Mobile site.Some of the features included in the App are News feed, Inbox and Photos and it also lets you upload your photos and find your friends on FB, with their phone contacts.

A study carried out by a research center of the name Pew Research Center, earlier this week, showed that about 83% of the U.S. population possesses mobile phones, but still only 42% owns a Smartphone. Totally, only about 35% of the adult population of America owns a Smartphone. Research has also shown that mobile users are more active user of Facebook than those who login via computers. So far  250 million users login through Facebook.

In order to encourage more users it has also introduced free unlimited access. It has tied up with provide mobile service companies to provide free and unlimited data access for every mobile App for a period of 90 days. Out of the twenty mobile services that agreed to work together with Facebook, are four Indian companies – Airtel, Aircel, Idea and Reliance.

Facebook can now be downloaded by visiting mobile website of Facebook like http://m.facebook.com or http://d.facebook.com/installand also by going to mobile app stores like Getjar or Mobile Weaver or Appia.