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Playing with Numbers

Numerology is the study of relationship between a number and events in life. This study was calculated in many forms and with the help of many systems in olden days. Some of the systems include the alphabetic system, Pythagorean system, etc.. Some countries have their own method of working out Numerology. Earlier Numerology was considered to be a part of Mathematics. But now it included under pseudomathematics(pseudo means artificial). The word Numerology can also be used to describe excessive faith and belief in numbers and related patterns.

Meanings of Numbers

In Numerology the numbers 1-9 have different inner meanings, as shown below:

1. Individual, Aggressor, Yang.
2. Balance, Union, Receptive, Yin.
3. Communication/interaction, Neutrality.
4. Creation.
5. Action, Restlessness.
6. Reaction/flux, Responsibility.
7. Thought/consciousness.
8. Power/sacrifice.
9. Highest level of change.

Alphabetic systems

In this system the alphabets are assigned different values and when a word is written, the values of the letters in the word are added together to obtain a number.If the sum obtained is a two-digit number, the two numbers are added  together again and again till the number obtained is a single-digit.The values for alphabets are given below :

  1.  a,j,s.
  2. b,k,t.
  3. c,l,u.
  4. d,m,v.
  5. e,n,w.
  6. f,o,x.
  7. g,p,y.
  8. h,q,z.
  9. i,r.

These values are obtained by operating the alphabet number with %9.(t=20 -> 20%9 -> 2.)

For example :

6284  = 6+2+8+3 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1.

blog = 2+3+6+7 = 18 = 1+8 =9.

The above calculation is done in decimal system. But these can also done in other number systems like octal, hexadecimal, binary, etc.. In different systems different the same number adds up to different numbers. In the above examples the first number,

628410 = 142148 = 1+4+2+1+4 = 12 = 1+2 = 38 = 310

Pythagorean Method

The Pythagorean Method involves five different numbers and a secondary number. These are :

  1. The Soul Number – This number describes what you feel in your mind. This may not be visible to others but can be determined by the Soul Number.
  2. The Personality Number – This number describes your personality.As opposed to the Soul Number, this is that part of you that the others can see.
  3. The Power Name Number – This number describes the power of your name or the strength that it possesses. A lot depends upon the name that you have.
  4. The Birth Day Number – This indicates the way others see you.It shows what position others give you in their minds.
  5. The Life Path Number – The number shows you what path you must take up in your life to bring goodness and prosperity to your lives.

There is also a secondary number in this  system, called the Attitude Number.This number should be the same as your Life Path Number.If not, you will bring confusion to the people around you.The most important number the Life Path Number.

Chinese Numerology

Since the Chinese believe that good luck comes in pairs, they even certain numbers sacred.

  1. [jɐ́t] — sure
  2. 二 [ji̭ː] —  easy 易 [ji̭ː]
  3. 三[sáːm]  —  live  生
  4. 四[sēi]  —  considered unlucky since 4 is a with the word for death or suffering 死 [sěi] , yet in the , it is a homophone of water (水) and is considered lucky since water is associated with money.
  5. 五[ŋ̬]  —  the self, me, myself 吾 [ŋ̭], nothing, never 唔 [ŋ, m]
  6. 六[lùːk]  —  easy and smooth, all the way
  7. 七[tsʰɐ́t]  —  a slang/vulgar word in Cantonese.
  8. 八[pāːt]  —  sudden fortune, prosperity 發 [fāːt]
  9. 九[kɐ̌u]  —  long in time 久 [kɐ̌u], enough 夠 [kɐ̄u] or a slang/vulgar word derived from dog 狗 [kɐ̌u] in Cantonese.

Apart from the digits, certain numbers are also considered to be lucky. For example, 99 and 168 are some of the numbers that are considered to be good.

Indian Numerology

  1. 1, 10, 19, 28 are ruled by the SUN, count 1 for letters: A I J Q Y.
  2. 2, 11, 20, 29 are ruled by the MOON, count 2 for letters: B C K.
  3. 3, 12, 21, 30 are ruled by JUPITER, count 3 for letters: G L S.
  4. 4, 13, 22, 31 are ruled by RAHU, count 4 for letters: D M T.
  5. 5, 14, 23, are ruled by MERCURY, count 5 for letters: N E.
  6. 6, 15, 24 are ruled by VENUS, count 6 for letters: U V W X.
  7. 7, 16, 25 are ruled by KETU, count 7 for letters: O Z.
  8. 8, 17, 26 are ruled by SATURN, count 8 for letters: F H P.
  9. 9, 18, 27 are ruled by MARS, no letters for 9.

What the Indian system of numerology follow is similar to  Chaldean System, as indicated by the picture.

There is a concept called the Numerology Calculator, which calculates your psychic and destiny numbers.The psychic number describes your character till the age of 35.The destiny number shows your destiny and what you will become in future. It also shows how people see you.If you find out your psychic number and destiny number, you can click here.

Numerological Calculator

I feel that the numerology systems can be used for code languages. The alphabetic system can be used for communicating secretively. Next time you want to convey something to a person without everyone knowing about it Numerology would be a good way to do it.

I got the meaning for each number from Wikipedia.