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Linux command : uname

Recently, I came across a Linux command that I found really helpful and I am sure you’ll find it helpful as well, especially when you’d like to install something on your system and are in desperate need of information about the Operation System or the Linux distribution that you are using. The command that I was referring to is ‘uname’. This command prints almost all the information that you want about the system. Some of the very useful arguments of this command that I found are as follows :

1. The -a option gives the user, complete information about the system in the order : kernel name, node name, kernel release, kernel version, hardware name, processor type, hardware platform, operating system.

uname -a

2. The -m option displays whether you are running a 32 bit or 64 bit version of Linux distribution. ( If it is a 32 bit Linux distribution – i686 will get displayed as a result of running the following command, whereas if it is a 64 bit distribution, then x86_64. )

uname -m

Operating System

Today, my friends were discussing how the kernel is related to the operating system. I learnt something new about it and thought I would share with you. So here goes…

An Operating System is something that controls the functioning of the hardware of the system and at the same time serves the applications designed by the users.

A kernel is a very important part of an operating system. Its basic function is to manage the hardware and software of the system. It is something that connects that processes taking place at the hardware level and the Applications.

Applications are a set of statements that are specified to perform certain set of duties. An application is that which that helps you perform a certain set of activities.Thus, it is different from an operating system(that runs a system) and a programming language is kind of duties.

The hardware, the operating system, the kernel and the applications are related as follows :

Relation between the OS, kernel, hardware and applications