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Caught You… Liar !!!

As you all know, a lie is a means to escape from something that we have done which we should not have done. It is a false statement made to intentionally deceive a person. It gives a false impression to the listener.

According to Wikipedia,

A lie (also called prevarication, falsehood) is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement, especially with the intention to deceive others.

Everyone hates being lied to. No one wants to become victim to a lie. All want to be kept in light about what is actually happening around them. Some people who lie are professional and do not cause even a hint of doubt in the minds of those who listen. But some people on the other hand are not so good at it and can be easily caught in the process.Well, here are some methods that help you identify a person who is cheating you. If a person lies to you, you can easily find it out :

  1. The liar hides his palms while lying.The person also tries to avoid direct eye contact with the listener.While speaking, if the person tries to touch his nose or ear you can almost sure that he is  lying. This is because, a person touches his eye or ear only when he does not agree with what he is saying, but is forced to lie.
  2. When a person wants to lie, he looks to the upper left, trying to make up, what may seem to the others as a credible story.But if he looks to the upper right, it means that he is trying to remember something that has already happened and is true. For example, when you ask a person about something he does not have but still lies that he has it, he tries to construct something new, and when he does so, he looks to the upper left. But if on the other hand it exists and the person is genuinely trying to recollect the fact, he looks towards the upper right. If he is asked about some incident that never happened but he lies that it has taken place, he tends to look towards the middle left and if he is not lying and is trying to remember something about the conversation that happened, he tends to look towards the middle right.
  3. No matter how foolproof, story narrated by the liar is, the next he retells the story he may have caused a small deviation from the original version(it happens in most of the cases). The next time narrates the story, he would have added something or missed something from the original version of his lie.
  4. If a person is lying about a particular topic, the chances are high that he may want to avoid speaking about the topic unless of course he very confident about pull it off cleanly without getting caught in the process.
  5. A liar sometimes speaks slowly if he is trying to cook up stories during the course of the conversation. He speaks slowly enough so that he gets time to brew up a story. He takes time making up a credible lie and therefore it can be easily recognised that he is lying.(But this is not applicable if the lie has been well preplanned.)
  6. Unless and until the person lying, is a professional in the same, the tone of the liar will lack a firmness and confidence when he lies. His voice lacks that little component that tells us if a person is lying or not.His voice lacks the assertiveness that should be present in his voice when talking about something he believes in. But if a the person is highly virtuous and does not tell a lie on a regular basis and does not agree with the lie that he is speaking, self-confidence is found missing in him and this can easily be spotted.
  7. A liar is always anxious about not getting caught for the lie he told. There are little indications that show the anxiety of the person. Fidgeting and often changing the position in which you sit, tapping your fingers on your lap, nail-biting, sweating, tapping your feet repeatedly on the floor, etc. . The presence of just one these physical gestures does not prove that a person is anxious. If a person shows three or four or more of these signs he is can be identified to be anxious.