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File sharing over a network in Ubuntu

This post is about sharing files in a network using Samba. Samba is a file server that helps in sharing files between computers in a network. The following steps will easily guide you.

  1. Go to Applications menu and choose Ubuntu Software Center. Search for Samba and install the software.
  2. Go to Systems and choose Administrations. Select Samba. Enter your root password. In the GUI that opens, open the preferences menu and choose Samba Settings. Select the Security tab.Change the Authentication Mode to share mode and the Guest Account to your user-name. Click OK.
  3. Click on the green plus icon. A GUI to Create a Samba Share appears. First choose the Access tab and enable Allow access to everyone. Now go back to Basic tab and browse the file that you want to share over the network. Enable Writable and Visible. Click OK.
  4. The share can now be seen and accessed from other computers on the network. It can be accessed by going to Places and choosing Network. You have a Windows Network folder. Click on WORKGROUP and computer name of the sharer. The shared folder should be inside this.

Happy File Sharing !!!