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Ram Navami

Today, I thought I would post about how I spent my Ram Navmi. I know that it’s been more a week since Ram Navmi. I could not post last week because I  was busy with some last minute that I had to submissions that I had to do. Better late than never.

For those people who don’t know why Ram Navmi is celebrated, it is the day on which Hindus celebrate the birthday of Lord Shri Ram, one of the deities, worshiped by Hindus. It falls on the 9th day of Chaitra Month of Hindu lunar year.

Lord Rama, being my favorite God, I eagerly look forward to celebrating Ram Navmi every year, ever since I remember. In a small place called Punkunnam in Thrissur, the residents of Pushpagiri Agraharam very ardently celebrate Ram Navmi. I make it a point to come home during this part of the year, no matter how many classes I have to bunk or many assignment-submissions I have to delay 😉 There is a temple of Lord Rama here. The Ram Navami celebrations here go on for eleven days, starting from the Prathama  of Chaitra Month, and continuing till Ekadeshi, which is the ninth day of the month.

Everyday during these eleven days, in the mornings the idols are worshiped with abhishekam in the temple, and during the evenings the bronze idols of Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman are taken around the village in a chariot. Out of the eleven days, every day the idols are decorated in different styles, and are brought out for the entire village to see.  The significance is that Lord Rama comes to visit His devotees around this time every year.

Day 1 :

Lord Rama with Goddess Sita and Lord Lakshman, on Day 1

Day 2:

Day 2

Day 3 :

Day 3

 Day 4 :

Day 4

Day 5 : Lord Krishna

On the fifth day, the Lord is dressed as Krishna, with butter in his hands. On this day, every house keeps a little bit of butter in the prasad that they offer to Lord everyday.

Lord Krishna, with a pot full of butter in His hands
The back view 

Day 6 : Anandashayanam

On this day, He takes the Anandashayanam pose. This signifies eternal relaxation.

Anandashayanam on Day 6

Take a closer at the Lord

Day 7 :

Day 7

Day 8 :

On this day, three chariots are brought out. As you can see, one chariot is of Lord Hanuman, who carries Lord Rama. Another one is that of Goddess Sita riding a peacock. Yet another, is the chariot that is used everyday, in which all the other Gods – Hanuman, Lakshman, Ganesh, Shiva and His consort Parvathi, Karthikeyan and his two consorts Vall and Devyani, are placed.

Day 8 : On the left, Lord Rama is placed on Hanuman’s shoulders and on the right, Goddess Sita is sitting on a peacock.
Lords Hanuman, Lakshman, Ganesh, Shiva, Parvathi, Karthikeyan and His consorts Valli and Devyani.

Day 9 : Rama Navmi

On this day, the idols of Lord Ram, Sita, and Lakshman are placed on a chariot which is approximately 15 feet tall. The Lord is dressed up in Raja Alankaram. In the photo, it can be seen how majestically He sits, His legs crossed, just like a king.

Day 9 : Raja Alankaram on Ram Navmi
(Lord Ram in the center, flanked by Sita on the left and Lakshman on the right)
Day 10 : Seetakalyanam – The wedding of Lord Rama and Sita

Day 11: Anjaneyotsavam

It is believed that the best way to please God is to please his devotees. On the last day of the celebration, Lord Hanuman is given importance. He is dressed up beautifully, with garlands of rose apple and betel leaves. As the chariot stops at each house, crackers are bursted, since Hanuman likes crackers a lot.

Day 11 : Lord Hanuman on Anjaneyotsavam Day